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ok, so my school has this tradition where we have this huge bonding experience with the entire school at a beach. There’s games, food, and music. And each grade has their own colours that they wear thoughout their high school experience( I was green! :D). But the best part is that every year the Grade 12s get a group picture taken and then they (just the gr 12’s) run into the water and have a short swim before we have to leave. My friend and I were watching this every year, excited for when we get to do that.

And finally this was my year to go for a swim (Grade 12! YA!!XD). __However, also every year the weather gets colder and __colder and this year the temp was probably like around 8-9 degrees C. So here my friend and I are freezing our a**es off and yet going for a swim in less than 2 hours! Oh! And did I mention that I’m just getting over a head cold?!

Fast forward to picture time. The minute after the picture was taken, there was a stampede to the water (in which some people almost gotten trampled). Surprisingly, the water was actually warmer than I thought it was going to be, but the minute I got out and the adredaline wore off, I started shaking. And I mean knee shaking, teeth chattering, etc. Unfortunately, other people must have been as cold as I was because there was a HUGE line for the change rooms. By this point my shaking had gotten so bad that I almost lost my balance, not once, but twice. The line hadn’t moved at all so saying good-bye to my dignity, I went in behind the change rooms to, well, change.

Long story short, today was fun. Of course, I’m still de-frosting but It’s also a reminder that I won’t be returning to Nangor Beach next year and I’ll be leaving high school and friends behind. So if I got the chance to do this again, I’d probably take it. :D

Artist asks GO!

  • 1:

    Take a picture of your workspace.

  • 2:

    Show your pencilcase and what's inside.

  • 3:

    Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.

  • 4:

    Lineart or coloring?

  • 5:

    Who/what inspires you?

  • 7:

    Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

  • 8:

    Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.

  • 9:

    Do you have any OCs?

  • 10:

    Draw a gijinka of your blog.

  • 11:

    Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

  • 12:

    Favorite thing to draw?

  • 13:

    Least favorite thing to draw?

  • 14:

    Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

  • 15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?





I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

my brother

It’s sad to think that some people might have seen this and thought of me should I have gone through or succeeded years back. To think that now, years after everything, that things are getting better and that I don’t have suicidal thoughts near as often, and almost no urge to act on them… it’s incredulous.

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